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I was returning to St. Louis from a trip to Arkansas early one October morning when I became separated from my friends who were riding in another vehicle in a heavy fog. It was futile to try and find them so I headed home by myself. It was a four or five hour drive back to St. Louis, I had the whole day to get there, plenty of gas and best of all, a whole bunch of film. So on the way home I stopped in St. James, Missouri to goof around and take some pictures at Meramec Springs. On the way to the springs I saw an amazing old cemetery (one of my favorite subjects), so of course I had to pull over.

I will never forget how that place looked. I was the only person around and the silence was complete. The fall foliage was at it's very best and the colors were astonishing. The sky was grey and stormy and there was a moist sheen over everything. Moss in every shade of green, from lime, to gray green, to evergreen spread in multi-textured patches. I can't imagine a better backdrop for the wet, glistening, gold and red leaves. Everything had a antique patina to it. The huge, dense trees and lush vegetation, much of which was still green, gave the whole place a mysterious aura that is really difficult to describe adequately. I wish the pictures did it justice but they don't. It was so awesome I was starting to hyperventilate.

The picture of the statue of Jesus is one of my favorites from that day. Something about the symbolism in the fallen leaf and the total trust in the attitude of the child really grabbed me. I was also attracted by the gray sky with the statue creating an almost monochromatic color scheme except for the touches of orange from the foliage. I used the picture for a rubber stamp compostition some time later.

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