Coldwater Creek County Park © 1997
This is one of my favorite parks. It is located where Coldwater Creek (in North County) empties into the Missouri River. You're not far from built up suburban areas here but you may as well be hours away. It's a very mysterious setting. You arrive at the top of the river bluff then walk down a totally out of place, yet massive stone staircase. At the bottom is a dirt trail that takes you along the river bank. From time to time architectural features emerge from the wooded and vine covered terrain. This fountain is on what appears to be a stone dance floor complete with benches, fireplaces, and a grotto. You can see one of the fireplaces behind this water fountain.

Since this picture was taken, the weeds have been cleared away, the stone patched, and one of the fireplaces has been restored. The water fountain has been painted in regulation park service brown and white. I am glad that people are taking care that the features in the park are not neglected. I can't help though but prefer it the old way, weeds, rust and all. It seemed more intriguing to me!

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