Tri-State Spook Light

Tri-State Spook Light © 2003

I went to see this with a tour group. I admit the picture is not very impressive, that's why I put an arrow to show where the light is! It does look like what we saw, the people I've shown it to who were with me that night agree that's what it looked like. The picture doesn't show this obviously, but it changed color from white to orange to red repeatedly and gradually, and dimmed and brightened again and again. I don't think it moved when we were there. Now I'm a skeptic about paranormal stuff, but I really hope there never is a consensus on what this really is, because it's fun. A bunch of us went together in several cars, and we were chatting with each other on the CB radios and listening to a hilarious story someone was telling about making moonshine in the shell of a pumpkin. The spook light was there where it was supposed to be, and I got a picture of it. Now that is a fun time!

It's a kick to follow in the footsteps of so many others who have gone to this dark stretch of road for decades to see what they saw, even if it does just look like a little dot of light. They say that isn't always the case - there are reports that it can be quite spectacular, and that it has come at people and even entered cars. I'm not sure I believe that without seeing it, but the idea that it MIGHT happen makes it extra fun.

Here is what some others have written about the Spook Light:

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