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Collaged Valentine Candy Holder

Collaged Valentine Candy Holder Collaged Valentine Candy Holder
Craft Project by Carolyn Hasenfratz Winkelmann
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  • Introduction
  • Tools and Materials
  • Make the Collage
  • Make the Holders


I decorated this hanging candy holder for Valentine's Day, but the design is versatile and can be used for a number of occasions - just change the collage piece inserted in the front of the holder!

Tools and Materials

Valentine Candy Holder Template
Self-sticking laminating sheets
8.5 x 11 in card stock
Paper scraps
Valentine theme rubber stamps
Permanent rubber stamping ink
Metal ruler
Decorative paper edging scissors
Paper adhesive of choice
Brush (for glue, optional)
Old credit card
Scoring tool
Small hole punch or awl
Eyelet setter
Self-healing cutting mat
Craft knife
Double-sided tape

First, download the template Valentine Candy Holder and print out. Laminate for durability and cut out.

Make the Collage
    Collaged Valentine Candy Holder
  1. Take paper scraps of assorted colors and stamp some of them with Valentine related images with permanent or waterproof rubber stamp ink.

  2. Once the stamped pieces of paper are dry give them a torn edge using the metal ruler as a guide or one created by a decorative paper edging scissors.

  3. Glue the paper scraps down to a piece of 8.5 x 11 card stock with the adhesive of your choice. I used Perfect Paper adhesive for my sample and applied it with a brush then smoothed it down with an old credit card. Other possible adhesives you could use are Yes glue, glue sticks, Modge Podge or acrylic medium.

Make the Holders
  1. Place the laminated template down on some more card stock and trace around it with a pencil. Cut out holder piece and score it at the fold lines as indicated on the template.

  2. Punch holes where indicated on the template and set two eyelets in the holes.

  3. Cut four diagonal slits where indicated on the front of the holder.

  4. Cut a 3.5 x 2 in piece out of your collage and insert it into the slits.

  5. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to hang holder over a doorknob, thread it through eyelets and tie off.

  6. Place double sided tape on tabs marked "A" and tape lower portion of holder together.

  7. Place double sided tape on tab marked "B" and tape upper portion of holder together.

  8. Fill with candy and give to your Valentine!

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