Abandoned Building on Cuervo Cutoff

Abandoned Building on Cuervo Cutoff © 2000

The Cuervo Cutoff is a bypassed piece of Route 66 that is rough but easily passable in a Jeep, and passable with some care in a car, at least it was the last time I was on it in 2003. I've been on it twice in my Jeep, and for me it was bouncy of course, but all fun and no worry. In 2000, one of my travelling companions was in a Corvette (the others were in a Neon and a Suburban as I recall), and he made it going very slowly, and with considerable angst about his car. I know of no damage, but I doubt if he had as much fun as I did. In 2003, my travelling companion took a Mazda Miata, which also made it. I don't know if the adventure was the best thing for the cars, but they got us to the other end.

I photographed the same building you see above again in 2003. It had fallen down quite a bit more. When I find the second picture, I'll put it here so you can see how it changed in three years. It may not be there at all the next time I go!

There are some interesting pictures of someone else's trip to the same area in 1997 on 6t6kix.com web site.

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